Job #421: ManTech TSG/Ground Services Operations - Improved Expeditionary Automotive Repair Center (IEARC)


Clegg Industries custom designed, engineered and outfitted two 84” x 104” x 96” high, Air Transportable Expandable Pallet Shelters (ATEPS), expandable to 244” x 104” x 96” H, to provide automotive repair facilities and appropriate equipment for MRAP vehicles in direct support of U.S. SOCOM combat operations at outlying Forward Operating Bases.  The Improved Expeditionary Automotive Repair Center (IEARC) was designed with a mating 463L pallet for internal air transport in USAF C-130, C-17, and C-5 aircraft.

The IEARCs are outfitted to operate as redeploy-able, repair and fabrication facilities with short term self-sufficient backup capability at undeveloped, remote field locations.   This complex and volume-constrained project contains a portable diesel 5 kW generator providing appropriate backup power for various equipment, tools and other automotive repair equipment.

There are two 24,000 BTU/hr. ECUs; either can be used as operational and as backup. A large tool chest provides ample storage space for complete metric & SAE automotive tool sets, pry bars, hammers and spare parts; the chest top is set up as a work bench for a grinder and vise; a vehicle hitch mount is provided so these can be used outside the shelter.  A reel stows 100’ of 1/2" diameter, 300 psi compressed air hose.

Features of redeploy-able Improved Expeditionary Automotive Repair Center include: 

  • Mates with 463L pallet for Internal Air Transport delivery
  • Sling liftable for site delivery
  • Two - person shelter setup in less than 10 minutes, no special tools required  
  • Two fold-out shelter sides for work/living space               
  • Outfitted for shore power use when available
  • Auxiliary 12 V DC system for 12 V tools including a state of the art air compressor
  • Backup 24,000 BTU/hr. ECU
  • Gas bottles and oxyacetylene equipment for welding

Note photos below from a recent fly away support mission in Afghanistan where SOCOM was able to fully use the ATEPS for its designed purpose (expeditionary support).

This mission was forward located at an austere site in Northern Afghanistan. SOCOM deployed the ATEPS with only two employees who were able to set-up, use and make repairs of several non-mission capable vehicles.  When complete with the repairs, packed it up, and returned to base.

To date (8-27-2019), Clegg Industries has manufactured 14 of these shelters. Job numbers: 421, 434, 440, 449, 459, 470 and 471.