Job #264: Shell Chemical - CRI Mobile Laboratory Blast Resistant Structure


This custom mobile laboratory was designed and built by Clegg Industries for Shell Chemical-CRI and will be deployed throughout the world. The unit is designed and equipped for international operation with features such as multiple electrical capacities, dual high output HVAC systems and high density insulation. The interior provides for a comfortable and safe work environment. The exterior is designed to provide a totally enclosed and secured unit for safe and efficient transport and ease of setup and deployment once the unit reaches a destination.

Features include:

  • Explosion Proof Electrical System
    Class 1 / Div1 Compliant
  • 2 Electrical transformers w/ weatherproof stainless steel enclosures
  • 2 Electrical panel boxes w/ weatherproof stainless steel enclosures
  • XHHW wire in conduit throughout structure
  • Tube steel interior wall frame
  • Tube steel door frames
  • Tube steel hvac support wall frame
  • Steel wall and ceiling reinforcement
  • Finish ceiling and wall board throughout lab/office area
  • Painted pressure treated plywood ceiling and walls in equipment room
  • Custom blast resistant metal entrance doors
  • Steel cabinets w/ lockable drawers
  • Steel overhead cabinets w/ lockable doors
  • Steel instrument connect cabinet
  • Chemical resistant counter tops
  • Cable entry port w/ removable bulkhead and exterior access door
  • Stainless steel sink and emergency eyewash
  • Fume Hood w/ explosion proof blower
  • Floor liner throughout lab/office area and equipment room - chemical resistant
  • Fire suppression system - clean agent
  • Emergency exterior strobe light system
  • Emergency interior secondary light system
  • Emergency shut down switch at each exit
  • Floor mounted recessed tie downs
  • Concealed steel wall mounting supports
  • Heavy duty exterior access doors at hvac compartment
  • Electric hoist and extendable trolley beam
  • Cylinder rack
  • Custom aluminum stairs, platforms and handrails
  • Marine grade exterior finish