Job #306: Cobham Sensor Systems - Satellite Tracking Trailer


This custom 18’ long, 8-1/2’ wide and 36 inches high trailer is constructed of welded steel tubing designed to minimize bending and torsional distortion. It incorporates a 48” x 48” x 1-1/2” precision finished steel plate for mounting a telescope gimbal and pedestal (GTA). The trailer meets transport requirements for C-17 airlift, military sealift transport and DOT national highway travel. Winch operated, lightweight fiberglass and honeycomb half shells provide protection for the telescope assembly during travel. The shells incorporate slip hinges for rapid removal in the field.

Satellite Tracking Trailer Features include:

  • Dual 8,000-pound Dexter Air-flex axles;
  • Surge-actuated hydraulic drum brakes;
  • Adjustable height lunette eye hitch;
  • Sealed weather proof/dust tight compartments for utilities and electronics;
  • Control electronics compartment with EIA rack assembly
  • Compartment mounted power, hydraulics and chiller panels;
  • 4 stabilizing jacks to isolate the frame/GTA equipment during operation.