Job #257: HEB Disaster Relief Unit


This custom trailer was built for HEB by Clegg Industries. The self contained, reinforced, secured, mobile DRU was designed and engineered to respond to disasters and other power outage situations, offering services such as ATM, Western Union, pharmacy and more. A diesel generator provides all power necessary to operate all electronics on board including A/C, computers, printers, billing, lighting, security and satellite transmitting/receiving. The DRU is deployed as a fleet to a location with a potable water truck, bathroom/shower trailer, bunk house trailer and diesel transport truck.


  • Exterior YFI antenna for customer wireless computing
  • External DC receptacles for charging cell phones and computers
  • Interior and exterior security cameras, remote satellite monitored
  • 500 watt halogen flood lights provide added security for customers
  • Metal roll down shutters over windows and ATM
  • Five aluminum platforms with steps and hand rails that break down and stow away in a special, custom built under carriage compartment
  • 57 ft. x 25 ft. custom awning with graphics and "break down" support structure that stow away in the custom under carriage compartment
  • Galley and rest room facility on board
  • Reinforced wall board
  • Smoke and fire alarms
  • Space saving multi layered sliding shelves