Job #288: Kidde Fire Trainer Trailers


DESCRIPTION: Two custom Mobile Fire Trainer trailers built to Kidde specifications, on a 53 ft. D.O.T. compliant drop deck trailer frame provided and outfitted by Clegg Industries. The finished trailers provide a mobile platform for training firefighting personnel in basic and advanced fire fighting skills. This training system permits live-fire training in a safe, controlled and environmentally sound manner. Its availability to local venues results in more frequent and increased emergency preparedness.

Training areas built into the trailers include those for Fire Suppression, Search and Rescue, Below-grade Fire and Ventilation training. The burn compartment is designed for radiant and convective heat up to 1100°F at the ceiling and 500°F at 5 ft. off the floor.

Features include:

  • Hardened aluminum exterior skin
  • Mineral wool insulation
  • Stainless steel interior walls, floors and ceiling
  • 15' long x 6' deep x 7'6" high electrically operated slide-out room
  • Weld-sealed burn compartment
  • Repositionable interior wall panels for maze patterns
  • Erectable second story room fixed to trailer roof
  • Safety railings and chains
  • Erectable pitched roof with chop out panels fixed to trailer roof
  • Shuttered windows and fire doors
  • Interchangable platforms and stairsfor entry doors