Job #32: Mobile SCBA Training Simulator


Consider the features built into this unique trailer.

  • 48 Ft. Weathermaster Trailer
  • Folding Stairway & Platform
  • 20 KW Generator
  • 4 Ton Air Conditioning System
  • Insulated & Paneled
  • Control Room
  • Audio Monitors
  • Recording Devices
  • Sound Effects
  • Infrared Cameras
  • Airlock System
  • Modular Maze System
  • Heat Furnace
  • Smoke Simulators
  • Interaction Intercom
  • Weight Machine
  • Climb Machine with Heart Monitor
  • Pressure-Sensitive Location Switches and Indicators
  • Emergency Lights
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Exhaust Fan System
  • Custom Painting

Clegg Industries has just produced its new Mobile SCBA Training Simulator. This high-tech specialized vehicle is designed to offer training in the use of a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus in a controlled laboratory environment. Each trainee can be monitored throughout the entire exercise from the control room, by infrared cameras, audio monitors and a heart-rate monitor belt.

One trained operator can process dozens of trainees through the facility in one day. He can regulate the intensity of the simulator to determine the skill level of individual trainees.

The trainee first is drilled through an exercise routine of weight lifting and climbing exercise machine, which is equipped with a heart monitor. After determining the individual's limits, they are then readied for the operational phase of the simulator.

After entering the simulator, the trainee will encounter a realistic attic-like area, complete with rafters to cross.

Another area will expose him to dense smoke, heat and darkness like a real burning structure.

The trainee must now enter the maze, where he will negotiate himself and his respirator through a multi-level configuration of swinging doors, vertical man-holes, long pipes and narrow openings.

While in the maze area, the environment is being controlled by the operator, who can simulate hazardous conditions. By directing the lighting, heat furnace, smoke machines, and sound system the operator can create simulated fire, explosions, etc.

The progress of each person can be monitored by any of six individualized infrared cameras through-out the unit. The exact location of the trainee can also be tracked by a series of pressure switches located in the maze. Once completed, the trainee enters the lower air lock and notifies the operator by intercom.

Each test, from beginning to end can be video taped for later evaluation.

This unique vehicle was designed and constructed to last for years, through rigorous usage. It is completely mobile and self contained with its own 4 ton air conditioner/15 KW heat, and 20 KW propane powered generator. A large shore power cable allows for permanent connection to electricity.

A multi-breaker distribution panel puts all circuit breakers within reach of the operator.

Safety features built into the unit include emergency lighting, exhaust fans to expel smoke and heat, 2-way communications and exterior lighting.

The Mobile SCBA Training Simulator is the best way to train your personnel. Let Clegg Industries build one for you!