Job #353: Pioneer Natural Resources Mobile Maintenance / Lubrication Trailer


Clegg Industries converted and outfitted these 48’ long, dual axle, gooseneck trailers to support Pioneer field operations.The Mobile Maintenance / Lubrication Trailers are outfitted to operate as a mobile self-sufficient parts, maintenance and lubrication service facility for equipment at area field locations. A 25 kW generator provides appropriate power for interior and exterior lighting, as well as for shop tools such as a hose crimper and chop saw, and an air compressor powering the air operated pump systems.

Heavy loading on the Mobile Maintenance / Lubrication Trailer is accomplished by means of a large platform, tuk-away lift gate at the rear of the trailer. Also located in the rear section are five 150 gallon tanks for various lubrication stores and a 300 gallon waste fluid tank. Lubrication services are accomplished using individual hose reels, beam mounted just inside the rear doors, each with 50’ of service hose. Liquid pressure is generated by double acting air operated pumps with electronic digital oil meters.

Four, five drawer tool chests with four floor to ceiling storage cabinets provide ample space for tools and spare parts. A 12’ long, custom designed, workbench completes the trailer’s central work area.

The forward section of the gooseneck Mobile Maintenance / Lubrication Trailer contains a generator compartment with three louvered doors and a secure, compact office area. This air conditioned office area houses two additional cabinets for storage of high value parts as well as two desks with executive chairs.