Job #117: U. S. Department of Health & Human Services Mobile Medical Examination Clinic


Clegg Industries repaired and refurbished twelve trailers furnished by Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). In addition, Clegg Industries was contracted to perform all design, engineering and manufacturing for the project of converting each of these specialty trailers into twelve mobile health care trailer units for DHHS and National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). Four of these trailer units, each housing state-of-the-art medical equipment, connect together to form a mini-clinic (MEC).

Each mobile clinic features an elevator-type wheelchair lift, an air-cooled 20 KW generator and three built-in air conditioners with heat. Extensive documentation was provided to reference all aspects of the clinic's engineering design. When completed each of the Examination Centers had to be identical to the others so data collected in one will be comparable to that collected in the others. The two year contract for developing and manufacturing the three MECs was completed on schedule.

Interior finish work included custom cabinetry, ventilation and ducting, electrical wiring, lighting, plumbing, insulation, walls/ceiling, carpeting and telephone lines.

All project performance specifications were met during the design and manufacturing phases. The three Mobile Examination Centers are still in use today. These units were completed on schedule, meeting timetable for planned data collection site visits by NCHS.

No matter how big or small your mobile medical needs are, Clegg Industries can do the job.

The following features of this job are unique:

  • Designed, engineered and built from performance spec as part of customer team
  • Integrated four trailer-mounted system
  • Extensive testing
  • DATA Packages
  • Operation Manuals
  • Integration of diesel gen-set to power system