Job #341: Victoria County Sheriff Command Center Trailer


This trailer was purchased used for $7,500.00. There was damage to the outside that had to be repaired. Clegg Industries added the framing, insulation and wiring. Clegg also added an AC unit with duct work and a dropped ceiling. Clegg removed the existing rear double doors and added a single high grade rear door and side door. The openings were made for the windows and a new 14' slide-out that Clegg Industries installed. The original floor was refinished and dividing walls were built with insulation. Belly boxes were custom designed and fabricated by Clegg Industries. A glass partition wall was built to divide the work area from the main conference room. A restroom and galley were built to separate the main conference room from the rear meeting room. Quiet carpet and Nudo were used as wall coverings throughout the trailer. All cabinetry, benches, desk and conference tables were fabricated by Clegg.