Job #547: VISD Mobile Sensory Motor Unit Upgrade (MSMU)


Clegg Industries recently completed an upgrade on VISD's MSMU. The exterior mounted generator was upgraded to a more robust steel construction. An all new exterior belly box was constructed to house an upgraded 12 volt battery system complete with charger and converter. 

The MSMU is filled with sensory-safe equipment that is fun to use while helping students to improve areas of sensory processing, communication, behavior and social skills and more.

Upgraded Features Include:

  • Miscellaneous exterior paint touchups
  • Removal of old sensory equipment
  • Replaced carpeted walls
  • Black coin floor
  • Added multiple 110 volt interior wall receptacles
  • 50" wall mounted TV with custom mounted TV stand
  • Various calming LED lights
  • LED cloud themed ceiling
  • Blackout vinyl installed on windows
  • Blackout Curtains